Check IESCO Online Bill July 2024–Download & Print. IESCO online bill is simply a free and useful website, where you can check your IESCO duplicate bill 2024. You can print a duplicate copy of the iesco bill. Enter your IESCO bill reference number and check the IESCO Online bill. If you did not receive the iesco bill, visit, where from where you can print iesco online bill.

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You need not wait for the bill distributor for iesco bill. Enter your reference number below in the box to get a fresh iesco bill in no time. IESCO online bill website is for the consumers of IESCO. So, the consumers can check their electricity wapda bills easily and free of cost before the bill distributor delivers the bill. It is a simple website for people who belong to the IESCO circles. If you are looking for your latest IESCO online bill for the month of July 2024  then visit You can check all kind of tariff bills like Home, Shop, and Industry online bill which is in the jurisdiction of IESCO company. You can find all the details with iesco bill like payment history, units consumed in a year, and taxes paid by you. All about your bill will be available on IESCOBILL.NET.

Print Duplicate IESCO BILL

To check iesco bill online just enter your 14-Digit Reference number or 10-digist iesco consumer ID to see you iesco bill online in single click. If you didn't get your iesco bill then dont worry just visit IESCO BILL ONLINE to get bill print it or download to save as pdf copy for record. It is easy way to check you iesco bill


IESCO made it very clear and easy for a common person who is attatched with iesco company ! yes it is the consumer of iesco. The consumer of IESCO can apply for new connection with the help of IESCO online Portal.      


Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We would love to hear about positive experiences you have had with us. Alternatively, if we have not met your service expectation, we would like to know about it as well. just click the link below to let us know about your view

What is A Reference Number?

Reference is allotted by the IESCO company to its consumer. It is a unique number. A reference number is necessary to check the iesco monthly online bill. It consists on 14-Digits. To check the iesco bill online, you should have a reference number. It contain all the information about you iesco bill which you need. The reference number will look like this.( 01 14353 1234567).

How and Where To Find The Reference Number?

IESCO bill reference number can be find on the iesco bill upward the consumer name. You can find it easily on the old iesco bill. The reference number is highlighted as shown in the figure given below.

IESCO bill reference number locator

What is A Consumer ID?

A consumer ID is issued to the consumer of IESCO, so that if consumer forget its 14 digit reference number then they can easily use their 10-digit consumer id  to check iesco bill..

Check IESCO Bill By Consumer ID

Now you can check your iesco bill by consumer ID. Consumer id consist on 10-digits. it is located on upside of your reference number. The easiest way to check iesco web bill online at by consumer id. You can get web printed bill from this site without any cost. you can save your bill as pdf file, jepg file or can print iesco web bill duplicate copy by clicking on print bill. At home or away from home just following the link One click and your iesco online bill will appear on your mobile screen or desktop computer. On your iesco bill on your finger tip so no need to worry about your iesco web bill or any other wapda electricity bills.

How To Check IESCO Bill?

IESCO bill can be printed in just a few steps. Enter your 14-digits reference number in the given box and click on view wapda iesco bill and very next moment the iesco bill will be there. You can check the history of your iesco bill, due date, LPS, and other taxes in your bill. From iesco online bill you can check your latest bill of June 2024 and July 2024. IESCOBILL.NET is a website which provide you the latest bill information in time of the consumer of IESCO Company. Our aim to provide the best quality service.

Right way and right place to find the IESCO Online Bill is the is complete platform form where you can get all needful information about electricity bill, user profile, how to apply for new connection, apply for net metering, taxes applies on iesco bill, online complaint, citizen portal and all other necessary information as you wish to know about. 

Taxes in IESCO Bill:

There are a lots of taxes included in the electricity bill of IESCO. The  common taxes that you usually see in the IESCO bill with the actual cost of electricity. All the taxes are described in detail and with their calculation how it made in IESCO Bill:

E.D: (Electricity Duty)

Electricity Duty = @ 1.5% to all units consume in the billing month.

Calculation: (Variable Charges * 1.5/100)


TV fee Rs. 35 for Domestic consumer of IESCO Company . If you have more than one then it will be multiply with the number of TV set you have. For commercial consumers the TV FEE is Rs.60

GST:(General Sales Tax)

General Sales Tax (GST)   @ 17% . This tax is calculate by adding E.D and Variable Charges.

Calculation: (Variable charges+ED+FC Sur)*0.17)


Income tax is applies on all commercial consumers as well as now a days on the domestic consumer of IESCO who consume 1000 and above units in a billing month.


Sales tax is only applicable to the commercial consumers as well as industrial consumers.

FPA:(Fuel Price Adjustment)

FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. Fuel Price Adjustment in IESCO bill belongs to rental power companies that generate electricity from Crude Oil . FPA for the month of December 2022 has applied with rate @ Rs.5.74  per unit and all taxed also apply on that rate. This amount will be appear in the Bill of January, 2023 .You can see this amount in your bill when there is fuel price fluctuation according to the table.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC (Quarter Tariff Adjustment)

Calculation: (Units consumed*1.65)

This is quarterly tariff adjustment amount. It applies after every 3 months. This tax applies on the domestic consumer when they across limit of 300 units . Then this tax applies, where as in case of commercial consumers it applies on a single unit.

TR Surcharge:(Tariff Rationalization Surcharge)

This tax is applies on Industrial consumers. Its kind of subsidy. Some time it is credit to the consumer and some time debited to the consumer as per rule defined by NEPRA. T.R stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This is NEPRA and GOP tariff difference. If difference is positive, it will be payable by GOP as “Subsidy”. However in case of negative difference, the Distribution Company will pay to GOP as “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR )”.

FC Surcharge: (Financing Cost)

Calculation: (Units consumed*0.43)

To maintain the debt other words to collect the revenue from consumers . FC means Financing Cost. The officials decided to charge 0.43 paisa per unit as FC Surcharge, to secure collection of debt servicing of the Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amount:( Disputed Amount)

Deferred amount is the disputed amount which have some conflict in it. It may be court case or any other disputed matter b/w consumer and the authority. This amount remains in the deferred box until the matter come to conclusion. In other sense it also called set aside amount.


It mean some changes in the bill made by the IESCO. Adjustment can be in shape of Credit or Debit. When a consumer is charged a Detection Bill or any other charges it appears in the Adjustment column.

Where To Pay IESCO BILL Online?

IESCO bill online payment method

It’s easy to pay iesco electricity bill online. If you use a mobile phone then it is very simple. You need to install some of the following apps from where you can pay your bill with out wait for bank timing , rush and without disturbance. There is no time limit any time you can pay your bill with in due date. You can download your payment receipt after paying your iesco bill.

Here is the list of platforms from where you can pay your iesco wapda bill online 

  1. Jazz Cash Account
  2. Easy Paisa Shops
  3. NADRA Collection Points
  4. One Link ATMs

Of course, on the other hand you can pay iesco bill offline by visiting any bank with hard copy of the bill. If you did not get copy of your bill, or lost it, you can download duplicate copy by just clicking here.
Following are the offline payment options:

  1. All Commercial Banks
  2. All Post Offices
  3. Meezan Bank (MBL)
  4. Allied Bank (ABL)
  5. Habib Bank Ltd (HBL)
  6. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  7. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  8. Bank al Habib (BAH)
  9. Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)
  10. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)

Read More About Payment Method

 15 Best Tips To Cut Your Electricity Bill

Tips to cut electricity bill

As we all know the prices of electricity increasing day by day and it is becoming very difficult to pay the electricity bill. So we have to take measure to save electricity and cut our electricity bill. But how we can save electricity bill and save energy.

First of all we have to take a look at the appliances that use more electricity in our daily use.

TV. if your are still using old model TV then turn it into new led smart tv to save electricity.

Bulb. Change the old bulb with led light for better light and energy saver.

Fridge: Keep the thermostat of your fridge low to save energy and try to use new model invertor fridge for better result.

AC: If your are using old AC(air conditioner) then replace it with new Invertor Ac to cut your electricity bill

Iron: use energy efficient iron at home to preserve energy and rude bill.

Here is the tips to save electricity and reduce your electricity bill.

  1. Turn off light when you leave room.
  2. Switch off appliances that are on stand by mode because they use electricity while on stand by mode.
  3. Use natural light instead of artificial light bulbs
  4. Dry your cloth in sun light instead of dryer.
  5. Keep your door and windows close and use curtains while using AC
  6. Use light according to your need turn off other lights.
  7. Change all your old appliances with new energy saving and energy efficient appliances to reduce your bill.
  8. Check and turn off the energy draining appliances.
  9. Use smart power strips that helps to save energy
  10. Keep an eye and stay up to date on maintenance to save energy and decrease your bill

About IESCO?

IESCO stands for (Islamabad Electric Supply Company ).IESCO was formed in 1998 to take over the assets, functions and responsibilities of the erstwhile Islamabad Area Electricity Board, which was then a division of WAPDA. IESCO’s core function is to supply, distribute and sell power (electricity) in the area from Attock to Jheleum, and from the river Indus to River Neelum in Kashmir. It services 3.2 million consumers directly, but touches the lives of more than 25.M people living in the 6 districts its services. IESCO is the big revenue generating company of WAPDA.

IESCO Area of Jurisdiction?

Following are the area of IESCO jurisdiction.

Circles and Divisions:

Islamabad Circle

Rawalpindi Circle

Attock Circle

♦Islamabad Division 1

♦Islamabad Division 2

♦Barakahu Division   

♦ Rawat Division

♦City Division 

♦Cantt Division (Rawalpindi) 

♦Satellite Town Division 

♦Westridge Division  ♦Tariqabad Division

♦Taxila Division
♦Pindigheb Division
♦Attock Division

Jhelum Circle 

Chakwal Circle

♦Jhelum Division 1
♦Jhelum Division 2
♦Gujar Khan Division

♦Chakwal Division
♦Talagang Division
♦Dhudial Division
♦Pind Dadan Khan Division


The main aim of an IESCO company is to provide reliable and affordable electricity to its consumers. IESCO generate, transmit, and distribute electricity to homes and businesses, ensuring that consumers have access to the power they need to operate their appliances and electronic devices.

In addition to providing electricity, IESCO COMPANY  also aim to provide high-quality customer service. This includes offering convenient payment options, responding to customer inquiries and complaints, and providing information on energy conservation and efficiency.

Overall, the main goal of an IESCO company is to meet the energy needs of its consumers while providing a high level of service and support.


The mission and vision of an IESCO company may vary depending on the specific company and its goals. However, in general, the mission of an IESCO company is to provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity to its consumers. This may include generating electricity from renewable sources, implementing energy conservation and efficiency programs, and investing in new technologies to improve the reliability and affordability of electricity.

The vision of IESCO company is typically its long-term goals and aspirations. For example, a company may have a vision of becoming a leading provider of renewable energy, or of providing electricity to underserved communities. A company’s vision may also include goals related to sustainability, innovation, and customer service. The vision of an IESCO company reflects its aspirations for the future and its commitment to meeting the changing needs of its consumers.


How To check IESCO online bill?

You can check iesco online bill at by entering your reference number.

What is a Detection bill?

When something wrong detected by the Authority or surveillance team in the electricity meter of a consumer. When a consumer is involved in stealing electricity with illegal means then IESCO charged a fine to the consumer that is called Detection Bill.

How to calculate iesco bill?

You can calculate iesco bill cost of your residential connection by entering consumed units here.

Can I check bill by electricity meter number?

NO. IESCO subscribers can only check bill by 14 digit reference number, not by meter number.

Can I check IESCO bill by name?

Sorry, you can not check your bill by name  but only using reference number. 

How to get previous month bill?

If you did not receive your bill, you can get a duplicate copy of your last month bill.

What is unit rate for iesco residential connection?

You can check iesco’s residential units rates here.

What are the iesco peak and off-peak hours?

Dec to Feb 5 PM to 9 PM Remaining 20 hours
Mar to May 6 PM to 10 PM -do-
Jun to Aug 7 PM to 11 PM -do-
Sep to Nov 6 PM to 10 PM -do-

How  consumer name can be change in iesco bill?

You have to apply for name change application as like new connection. After that they will issue DN(Demand Notice) of security . You have to visit the iesco office and apply for the name change request.

How to  apply for a new connection?

Now all over the Pakistan you have to submit online application. Then print it out and submit in hard form to the concern office of you area.

Can I check iesco bill by CNIC number?

NO. Currently you can only check the bill by 14 digit reference number.

How to Contact the IESCO Help Line for complaint?

This is  IESCO helpline number: 051-9252937.
If you are looking for inquiry about your iesco bill or any information, you can check list of customer services centers here.

Change of Name in  IESCO bill?

When you buy some property and the IESCO electricity meter is on the owner name and you want to transfer it to your own name. Your have to submit an application to the concern SDO Office/ Now a day Online facility is available. Apply online and when it approved you will receive a  Demand Notice of security. Pay it on the defined Bank. It is done.

Pesco Bill

Fesco Bill

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