Net Metering


This information gives an overview of vital factors to think about when planning and buying a small, medium or even massive PV device meant for personal consumption and for grid interconnection. The information is directed closer to the involved events thinking about putting in a grid-connected photovoltaic system. It tries to stroll the reader via one-of-a-kind stages, opening from the day when concept to purchase a PV machine is conceived, up to the attention of the PV project. This person guiding principle intends to supply the reader a roadmap for set up and interconnection, in order that all steps are blanketed and viewed beforehand. The gadget can both be a residential PV set up of a family or a large industrial photo voltaic PV system.
Solar Net Metering System In Pakistan


Pakistan has been dealing with power crisis for the previous few years as the demand and provide hole has widened. The country’s modern electricity demand a long way exceeds its technology resources, and it has been going through an power shortfall of 4000MW. As a result, load-shedding and electricity blackouts have grow to be extreme issues.
Keeping in thinking the above issues, the Government of Pakistan is advertising funding in the era of small scale disbursed Renewable Energy, thru the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), on the groundwork of the Net-Metering concept.


Net metering is an electrical energy coverage for consumers, who very own / format to setup a Renewable Energy facility, which permits them to produce electrical energy (using wind and solar) for their very own use and furnish the extra produce to the countrywide grid setting-off gadgets of electrical energy bump off at some stage in off-peak hours or at instances when the manufacturing from RE facility is now not adequate to meet the customer load. The customer will both pay decreased utility consignment or get paid for get entry to strength exported to the grid, as referred to in the contract with the applicable DISCO.

NEPRA, in September 2015, issued its net-metering policies that permit the DISCOs in
Pakistan to buy extra devices of electrical energy produced via the consumers, and internet them off
against the devices fed on from the grid. Renewable Energy is a long-term electricity solution. The
Solar PV Technology offers get right of entry to to cheap electrical energy grant throughout device life. Residential
and industrial clients can swap their electrical energy load to Renewable Energy (RE) and can
slash their strength bills. The image under illustrates the waft of electrical energy from distribution
company (DISCO) to the end-user, who can now installation a renewable power facility and ship
the extra electrical energy returned to the distribution grid and earn savings for his exports.


NEPRA introduced the reliable National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Alternative &
Renewable Energy) Distributed Generation and Net Metering Regulations on September 1,
2015. As per these regulations, any purchaser of the country wide grid (having three-phase connection)
can avail net-metering facility for small-scale (1kW to 1MW) Renewable Energy installations.
In Pakistan, net-metering is the first coverage mechanism of the Policy for Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation 2006, which has been thoroughly implemented. Section 8.4.2 of the RE Policy affords that concern to technical issues and besides discrimination and upon request through distribution end-users, DISCOs shall enter into a net-metering settlement with certified end-users, fascinated in putting in the RE system.

Apply Online Net Metering


To apply for net metering and tis process how long it will take to get approved for net metering. All the details about application and its requirement are given in pdf book. you can download the net metering guide by clicking on the link given below.

Net Metering Guide