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Easy way to discover out Mepco online bill at This is a complete web page the place you can view downloads with the aid of printing out duplicate electrical energy bills. To acquire Mepco online bill, Just enter your 14-digit reference number above your name in the top proper nook of your MEPCO bill. You can view your online bill and estimate your bill the usage of Mepco’s online Bill calculator. During download, take a look at your Mepco online bill and print it, enter your reference number below.

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Where To Find The Reference Number on MEPCO Bill?

No need to fear about the MEPCO reference number just look at under the pattern MEPCO bill and find out the reference number.

You can locate out your MEPCO bill by way of visiting . Here is a way to view your MEPCO bill, down load and print it. MEPCO on line bill website online helps you in each and every aspects. It is a free internet site the place you can get records about your MEPCO online bill , taxes included in it.

Instead of viewing MEPCO on line bill you can additionally calculate your estimated MEPCO bill by using the use of on-line bill calculator supplied on this site.

About MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company)

MEPCO, Multan Electric Power Company is the largest distributor of PEPCO . It electrify the 13 districts south of the Punjab.

MEPCO Circles

Following are the nine circles of MEPCO.

  • Multan
  • Khanewal
  • Sahiwal
  • Vehari
  • Bhawalnagar
  • Bhawalpur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • D.G Khan
  • Muzaffargarh


1- When will the interrupted supply be restored?

You can get information about the restoration of disconnected supply from the Complaints Center of your respective subdivision office. In case of busy telephone line dial 63726-0800.

2-What is MEPCO doing to manipulate provide failure due to kite flying with steel wire?

This trouble is being solved with the aid of protecting the tools of the grid station with protect wires or nets at the technical level. At the administrative and prison level, patrols are being geared up which are arresting the accused and handing them over to the police so that instances can be registered towards them. However, public help is wished to cease this process. MAPCO seeks public help by using organizing seminars, appeals and walks thru print / digital media.

3- How to fix the problem of low voltage in the area?

Contact the SDO / XEN / SE in your area. They will resolve the issue at your level. If necessary, refer to MEPCO Headquarters for additional work.

4- How can hazardous poles or wires be eliminated from the door or alley?
The poles / wires have been mounted prior to the building of the residence or road. Write down the important points to the Executive Engineer Operations of your area. They will put together an estimate of the viable price of disposing of the poles or wires. Change will be paid by way of you.
5- What is the coverage and manner for electrical energy in nearby locations or in a village?
Electricity in the location or village is sanctioned financially by way of the neighborhood or provincial government. To preserve in contact with your consultant for restoration of electrical energy in the area, MEPCO need to furnish a feasibility report. Similarly, the price of electrical energy for housing tasks is borne through the sponsors or the residents.
6- Why do new meters run quicker than historical meters which have been changed with the aid of MEPCO?
This is no longer true. The truth is that the new meters work fine. The historical meters had been slowed down due to historical age, interior and exterior problems.
7- If fabric is stolen from the lines, why does it take a lengthy time for MEPCO to repair electricity supply?
Theft of items from MEPCO traces is a crook exercise and in addition to departmental inquiries, an FIR desires to be registered for police investigation. Who are accountable for its safety in accordance with the guidelines / laws. The price, however, will be charged in installments to the well-known client however will be charged in one installment in case of a single user.
8- The cellphone line of the criticism workplace is continuously busy, perhaps the receiver is eliminated from the cradle?
This is no longer at all the case when the electricity grant is reduce off in a sure vicinity and a massive range of clients attempt to contact the smartphone workplace of the Complaints Office. Apart from the Complaints Office of your area, you can , 9220317, 9220314 or 63726-0800 at PREMPCO Headquarters
9- Who must be approached to correct the incorrect reading on the bill?

Contact customer service centers in your area or MEPCO headquarters

10- What is Detection Bill?

The detection bill is for:

1.Illegal energy abstraction or strength consumption

2.Straight edge

3.Due to slowness etc. .

i) In case of direct installation, an FIR will be lodged in opposition to all people who installs objects or units except permission. The proprietor or resident will have to pay a detection invoice for unlawful use of electricity

ii) Due to slowness, the detection invoice will be introduced after the technical and mechanical trying out of the meter. Slowness will be checked with the assist of take a look at meter or appropriate trying out instruments. Or will be measured in any excellent way

iii) Although care is taken in the guidance of the detection bill, if there are any problems or concerns, please contact the worried officer. Remember to pay your dues on time in any other case your connection may also be disconnected.

11- I have been receiving small payments for the final two months. Suddenly this month I have obtained a massive bill. What should be the motive for this?
It by no means hurts to test your electrical energy meter numbers, in particular when it comes to power and cash saving benefits. If your meter has now not been read, contact your subdivision. If you be aware a clear distinction between the consignment and the reading, get it fixed.

12- What is the benefit of a slab?

The advantage of the slab is that it automatically calculates the consumption of all the annual bills on the computer.

13- Where can I get installments on my bill?

The installment invoice is no longer binding on the present day bill. However, first-rate electrical energy dues can be paid in installments and when electrical energy dues are allowed to be paid in installments, pastime will be charged at the present financial institution rate.

In case of ordinary connection, SDO can pay three equal month-to-month installments in case of arrears of Rs. 5,000. In case of arrears of Rs. 50,000, XEN is eligible for three equal month-to-month installments. SE has the choice of 4 equal month-to-month installments for arrears of Rs. 100,000. The CEO has the alternative of six equal month-to-month installments.

These selections are for actual and deserving instances and for clients who have now not paid in six months – the consumer will be sworn to pay each the installment and the month-to-month consignment and request greater installments to hold their connection. Will no longer provide

14- My residence was cut off due to non-payment of electricity. Now that I have paid my dues, how can I restoration my connection?

All disconnected clients will be reconnected after clearance of dues. Reconciliation Order (RCO) is approved by using the Customer Service Officer (CSO).

In case of non-payment, all dues will be accumulated from the person earlier than reconnection and an affidavit will be taken on stamp paper that all the dues and present day payments will be paid immediately. Apart from all formal work, protection credit will be submitted as per prevailing costs and a new contract will be signed earlier than the connection is restored. Supply will be restored after charge of the first installment and all formalities

15- I have acquired region on the invoice whilst I have no obligations. What can I do now?

If the arrears have been added by mistake, you can correct it and if you have this bill submitted, you can show the receipt of the bill from the subdivision, customer service center or from the bank branch.

You have received a disconnection notice on the bill of arrears, and if you have already paid them, you can show the bank receipt to the customer service officer of this division.

16- I have a domestic connection but now I want to open a shop in my place, do I need to change my tariff?

Yes, however, tariff changes will only take place on activation and where technical support is available.

You will have to pay for the following:

If you have received any benefit or subsidy in the cost of service connection at the time of connection in the current tariff.

The cost of materials required to make tariff changes effective.

Security difference according to current rates.

You have already changed the method of electricity usage as compared to the approved tariff and the assessment bill is applicable for the assessment of unauthorized use of electricity for other tariffs.

17- I have installed a new plant in my shop, how can I get more load now?

A and A forms are used to implement load extensions.

By paying the security difference between the approved load and the applied load, you can extend the load and avoid any inconvenience. In addition you may need to submit the following costs.

If you have received any benefit or subsidy in price or service at the time of connection of the current load.

Material cost to facilitate load expansion.

18- I am receiving defector meter reading on my bill, what is it?

If your meter is declared defective, you will receive an appraisal bill based on your consumption during the same month of the previous year. This will be an approximate bill due to a faulty meter, which will be replaced immediately. Should go. It is the company’s policy to install a “check meter” as soon as a meter fault is detected so that the correct consumption and bill can be checked. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, even if the check meter could not be installed, you will be charged an estimated bill which will be marked with (est def). And if your meter hasn’t changed in 2 to 3 months, you should contact your subdivision.

19- I have recently bought a place. The bills are in the name of the previous owner. How can I fix it?

The same name-changing instructions apply to new connections

20- I want to reduce my approved load, do I have to pay any extra for it?

In case of load reduction, the security deposit will not be charged as revised / current rate

21- There are frequent power outages in my area, where to go now?

Dear customer, there are many reasons for power outage but usually this problem is due to overloading of distribution system. To solve the problem in your area, contact the sub-divisional officer who will know the true nature of the problem and will be able to solve it.

22- I have not received my bill?

Dear Customer Bills are available at our Customer Service Centers. If you do not receive most of your bills on time, please contact your sub divisional office.

23- How can I move my connection to a new location?

Connection switch is accredited on particular terms, and technically possible.

If the new proposed web page is in the title of the proprietor of the connection or its felony heir. If the new website online is in the identify of the criminal inheritor then the procedure of “renaming” will be carried out with the utility of the applicable laws.

You will have to pay connection elimination charges, re-appointment fees and extra fabric and gear required for connection transfer.

You will have to replace the safety credit score in accordance to the cutting-edge / famous rate.