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To view your duplicate HESCO on line bill you could take a look at it out on iescobill.net. It is a free website wherein you may find all the records about your HESCO Bill . To check your HESCO online bill the reference number is important. You could find the reference number of your bill left corner of your bill above you name and address. Just enter your reference number to view, download and print your HESCO Bill.

Check your HESCO on line bill even you are not at home from everywhere internal Pakistan you could check your bill and also can find you bill from anywhere around the world. You may also check HESCO bill on line with out any price. It’s freed from value for the costumers of HESCO.

To test hesco online invoice simply input your reference number that’s placed right upward side of your call. Hseco bill online is website wherein you could get replica reproduction of your hesco bill, print , down load, save as pdf replica of your hesco on-line bill to your record and pay it online.


How to Find The Reference Number?

Just look at the given bill and see the high lighted area above the consumer name. You can see the reference number of your hesco bill.


HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electrical Supplies Company. HESCO is a public limited company incorporated on April 23, 1998. The company is responsible for power distribution services in and around Hyderabad.

Area of Jurisdiction.

HESCO is responsible for supplying electricity to 12 districts in Sindh Province, Pakistan. To ensure uninterrupted power supply to 1,138,328 customers, HESCO has established 6 construction units with 4 operating units, 15 operating units and 67 operating units, as well as 5 M&T units. The company strives to provide uninterrupted power supply to its customers around the clock.

Tips To Save Electricity And Save Money

There are many ways to save electricity and save money on your energy bills. Here are a few tips:

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