Citizen Portal

What is Citizen Portal?

Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) hooked up in 2013 has been reorganized with a new imaginative and prescient to promote citizen-centric and participatory governance. PMDU is pioneering a nation-wide complaints and criticism redressal mechanism with one of a kind emphasis on facilitation of foreign places Pakistanis, women, extraordinary men and women and foreigners.

AIM and Goal Of Citizen Portal:

The principal goal of the unit is to furnish citizens’ an possibility to seamlessly speak with all authorities entities and have their problems resolved with priority, in accordance with the imaginative and prescient of the Government. The Unit will allow the institution of a tradition of quantified overall performance administration and make the a number of authorities entities responsible for their mandated roles and responsibilities. Besides, the Unit will put ahead suggestions for change and simplification of cumbersome respectable techniques as evidenced from the database for the reason of assuring public facilitation.
Citizen Portal

Mission And Vision:

The Unit strives to guarantee that the registered citizens/members on Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) get each and every feasible comfort from the Government Organizations being interacted. The citizens/members may also have tips to put earlier than the authorities or non-public complaints and grievances or to record violations of legal guidelines through the human beings or to are seeking coaching etc. The Unit takes it as a top duty to make sure that all complaints and hints are treated pretty and efficaciously thru worried organizations. This guide is designed to assist the Government Organizations to effectively reply to the things raised on the Portal. The techniques described in this guide are supposed for appreciation and use of all involved stakeholders..

Online Citizen Portal