CONNECTION DATE:  Connection date is the year and date when you connection is installed on you premises.

CONNECTED LOAD: Connected load means the load of your house, shop, industry and tube well at the time of using electricity.

BILL MONTH: Billing month the month on which your consumed units bill generated.

READING DATE: The date on which the meter reader takes the reading of your meter.

ISSUE DATE: When the IESCO bill is generated by the Computer Center or printed by the CC

DUE DATE: The date when you have to pay your iesco bill is called the due date.

CONSUMER ID: iesco consumer id is consist on 10 digits. IESCO consumer can check their bill by using consumer id.

REFERENCE NO: The iesco bill reference number is the key to check iesco bill. it is consist on 14 digits.

OLD A/C NUMBER: Old reference number is shown when the reference number is changed due to ratification or change in area of electricity by the authority. Then the new reference number is allotted to the iesco consumer

LOAD:  IESCO bill load is the load which is approved by the authority on the demand of consumer. When the consumer of iesco apply for new connection then iesco consumer fill the form how much load he needed.

TARIFF: IESCO Tariff shows that what kind of connection is running at the site. It may be domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural etc.

DIVISION:  Division show that a big part of city belongs to on division.

SUB DIVISION: A division is further is divided into sub-division for the easement fo consumer for the redressal of complaint and Appling for new connection in their local area.

LOCK AGE: Lock age shows that the meter is not in use and being locked by the authority. it will tell how long or how many months it is being locked.

NO of ACs: It you are using air conditioner then in this box it will show number of air conditioner you are using.

UN-BILL-AGE: In any case you do not pay your bill then in the box it will appear how many month you haven’t pay your bill

FEEDER NAME: Feeder name shows your area of electricity or line named.

METER NO: Meter No is the id of your meter installed at the site it is printed on the meter and inside the software of digital meter.

PREVIOUS READING: It shows the previous month reading on which you iesco bill was issued.

PRESENT READING: Your iesco bill will be generated on the present reading. It means current month reading status.

MF: MF stands for Multiplying Factor. it is normally 1 for the domestic, shop, agricultural connection. But where there is lots of use of electricity there will be a slow meter installed with MF more than 1.  The units calculated with more than 1 mf by multiplying the advance units with mf. MF can be changed due to fault in meter or when meter becomes slow.

UNITS: In this box you will see the difference of previous and present reading. These are units which you have consumed during the month

STATUS: Status shows the condition of your meter. If your meter is ok then there is nothing in this box. But when there is fault in your meter there will be a message of Defective , when your meter is disconnected there will be P-DISC and when your meter is changed by authority then there will be Replaced. IT can also be when it is restored form P-Disc then its status will be Re-Connection.


This section will cover all the charges which goes to the IESCO Head. It means the company collect the amount. Following charges are included in this

UNITS CONSUMED: It is the totaly units consumed during the current month

COST OF ELECTRICITY: It is the pure cost of electricity without any tax. it shows only the amount after multiplying with units rate

METER RENT: If you have got iesco electricity connection on installments then there will be some amount in this box every month till the amount due is over.
Fix Charges: Fix charges are shown when you have an industrial or agricultural connection. it is based on the rate per Kwh.

SERVICE RENT: If your are using WAPDA pole for your own business then you will have to pay service rent

FUEL PRICE ADJUSTMENT: Fuel price adjustment is the rate difference b/w the actual cost and sale cost. Fuel priced charged after two month from the date of cost calculated. It can be debited to the consumer and may be credited to the iesco consumer. It is only charged when the cost price increased.

F.C SURCHARGE: Financial cost charges.

QTR TARRIF ADJ/DMC: Quarter Tariff adjustment. the consumer who consumed more than 300 units will charged quarter tariff adjustment.


In his head we will discuss the charges that GOVT collect. All the charges listed below.

ELECTRICITY DUTY: ED  it is the cost per units @ 1.5%

TV FEE: To save Pakistan Television the govt add a tax which named as TV FEE. It is 35 rupees for domestic and 70 rupees for Shop.

GST: General sales tax that all the consumer have to pay on the electricity bills.

INCOME TAX: Income tax amount will be included in the domestic consumer when the amount of bill exceed 15000 rupees and all commercial consumers have to pay it on every bill




DEFFERRED AMOUNT: Is is the amount which is set aside due to some dispute b/w consumer and authority. some conflict or problem.

OUTSTANDING AMOUNT: It is the reamiang part of the amount which the consumer have to pay it there is some king of adjustment made by the authority on the request of consumer.


Total charges included that both IESCO charges and GOVT charges

ARREAR/AGE: If you have not paid you bill last month or some amount debited to you account then it will be appear in the arrear/age box.

CURRENT BILL: This shows the current month bill of units you have consumed

BILL ADJUSTMENT: If there is change in the IESCO bill, it may be reading verification, fuel price adjustment or any other change in bill will appear in the adjustment box.

INSTALLEMENT: If you can not pay bill and want to make a part of payment. On the approval of authority your bill will be divided into 2, 3,4, or as many part allowed by authority. this box will show the number of installment.

SUBSIDIES: If GOVT give some relief to the consumer of IESCO then it will appear in the subsidies box.

TOTAL FPA: After including all the tax of FPA the amount will appear in the Total FPA box.

PAYABLE WITHIN DUE DATE: it is the actual amount which you have to pay within the given due date.

L.P.SURCHARGE: LPS mean late payment surcharges. if you don’s pay your iesco bill in time or in due date and now you want to pay your bill after date then you have to pay the fine. it is called Late payment surcharge.

PAYABLE AFTER DUE DATE: It will be the total amount after including the LPS. it is the amount after the due date.