IESCO: Raise In Base Power Tariff By Rs.8 Per Unit

Rising prices in base tariff

According to top official sources told that NEPRA, To ensure restoration of the IMF program, a massive increase in electricity base tariff by up to Rs7-7.50 per unit is on the cards within the next 2-3 weeks, which is to be enforced from 1st July, 2022, . “The current average base tariff stands at Rs16.50 per unit, which will go up to Rs24.14 per unit with the expected raise of Rs7-7.50 per unit.”

If NEPRA regulate this tariff then there will be a inflation wave which will effect every single person of the country, the person which is connected to the electricity company and every aspect of life. So it is going to create a extra burden on the consumers of IESCO as well as all other consumers of DISCOs. It is a sign of worry that the prices of electricity are going beyond to the power of a common man.