Fuel Price For The Month Of May 2022


Fuel Price For The Month Of May 2022

Fuel Price Adjustment

Alert ! For the Consumer of IESCO that The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Monday authorized an extra fuel cost adjustment of Rs7.90 per unit for distribution corporations (DISCOs) for the month of May.

The enlarge will be relevant to all consumer , instead of lifeline and K-Electric consumers, read a notification issued through NEPRA.

It is a bad news for the consumer of IESCO because already the cost of electricity has been increased. Although the base tariff also has been revised with effect from July,2022. With increase in fuel price Adjustment will increase in inflation rate. The consumer of IESCO will suffer badly with increase in electricity cost. So it is going to be a alarming situation for the people.

The increase in IESCO bill with FPA will effect from July 2022 for one month only. The increase with Rs. 7.90 pe unit along with all taxes approximately Rs 10 per unit.

For example if you have consumed 100 units in the month of May 2022, then you will have to pay the amount in lieu of FPA

100*10=1000 extra along with the actual bill of July.

The Rs7.90 amplify will put a burden of round Rs131.8 billion on consumers, consisting of GST.