CONNECTION DATE:  Connection date is the year and date when you connection is installed on you premises. CONNECTED LOAD: Connected load means the load of your house, shop, industry and tube well at the time of using electricity. BILL MONTH: Billing month the month on which your consumed units bill generated. READING DATE: The date … Read more

NEPRA Allows Rs3.6 /Unit Increase To Ex-WAPDA Discos

The amount will be recovered form the consumers of Fesco in next four month. (NEPRA) The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority  on Friday allowed ex-WAPDA Distribution Companies  to recover Rs 97 billion from power consumers on account of monthly Fuel Charges and quarterly adjustments. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has allowed an increase of … Read more

Payment Method-IESCO BILL

How to Pay IESCO Bills? Here is complete method to pay your IESCO Bill online. we listed all the possible method to pay IESCO bill. All banks has partnered with iesco to ensure your payments are paid without problems through e-banking channels which include (internet & mobile banking), atm, financial institution pockets or smartphone banking. … Read more

NEPRA Hints At Rs9.89 For Discos in August 2022 Bills

NEPRA: Electricity consumers across the country will face unprecedented electricity prices in August 2022. The company (XWDiscos) collects an additional Rs 9.89/unit from people spending on the next month’s bill . Regulators allowed the increase because electricity consumers are paying less than it costs to generate electricity, especially considering the export of liquefied natural gas … Read more


The Government has announced the new BPS for 2022-2023. Here is a chart for the GOVT employee to check the new revised scale according to their scales. Here is the notification copy which you can download from the link given below NOTIFICATION COPY-2022-2023  BASIC PAY SCALES OF THE CIVIL SERVANTS Basic Pay scales-2017      … Read more

Check IESCO Bill By Consumer ID

Now the consumer of IESCO can check their electricity bill by their consumer ID. First there was only one way to check the iesco bill that was the 14- digit reference number to check iesco bill. Now you can check you iesco bill by consumer id also. Where Is Consumer ID? The consumer of iesco … Read more

Fuel Price For The Month Of May 2022

  Fuel Price Adjustment Alert ! For the Consumer of IESCO that The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Monday authorized an extra fuel cost adjustment of Rs7.90 per unit for distribution corporations (DISCOs) for the month of May. The enlarge will be relevant to all consumer , instead of lifeline and K-Electric consumers, … Read more

IESCO: Raise In Base Power Tariff By Rs.8 Per Unit

According to top official sources told that NEPRA, To ensure restoration of the IMF program, a massive increase in electricity base tariff by up to Rs7-7.50 per unit is on the cards within the next 2-3 weeks, which is to be enforced from 1st July, 2022, . “The current average base tariff stands at Rs16.50 … Read more

Fuel Price Hike !

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Friday increased tariff by Rs2.86 monthly Fuel Price Adjustment. The increase will induced in the Bills of April 2022. The increase will applies on the units that are consumed in the month of March 2022 This increase will impact the extra burden of  32 billion on the … Read more

FPA For February 2022

Again a sad news that the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has raised the electricity rate by Rs4.85 per unit on account of fuel charges adjustment for the month of February 2022 and issued a notification to this effect. It is the actual cost per units no tax included in it. After tax including … Read more